Internet TV and the Likes

I was reading a post on CNN recently on all the efforts by many Tech companies to fix whats not broken: The Television.

Well the CNN editor claims that the TV is not broken and therefore most initiatives by the tech companies may not go into the mainstream

All of these are destined to be niche products at best — just like every other attempt to improve TV over the last 20 years.

The success of the ventures by tech coys is clearly defined by those who controls the content. Its not like the web, high quality video production for movie, reporting etc is not what any YouTube video uploader can afford therefore making most of the available content on the internet not sufficient to replace a proper well produced live TV broadcast. However,

I believe an internet TV could be good. I imagine that I can buy the TV, plug an internet cable at the back and thats all it needs to work. It is equipped with some heavy storage that can record several hours of videos etc which I expect the current ones in the market can do already.

Then I want to tell the TV the type of content i like to watch. I can tell it: technology news, christian music, christian rock music, comedies, action movies. By just speaking to the TV, it is able to capture these words and help me start digging for content with those tags. Tags which are used on the web for micro-categorization will help a lot here. The TV should be able to download the videos and automatically store them on its harddisk and automatically creating an auto playlist consisting of the titles or subjects I mentioned. All these download of the content can happen in the background whether I am indoors or not.

When I have the time to now sit in front of it to quickly consume some content, i just say “show me some christian music” and it just opens the christian music playlist that it had downloaded for me and starts to play them one at a time. I just say “show me some technology news” and it starts to give me videos on Google, Android, Apple, Facebook IPO, Amazon Kindle Sales etc. Just a TV that hears me and can help me look for high quality video content on the web via Youtube and other video sites.

Off course while building up my playlist, I am able to see the things it had downloaded on my Android Phone for a Google TV or my iPhone for an Apple iTV and choose which of the items in the playlist I want to watch first. So the TV must fully allow control of the content that the InternetTV is downloading from my phone. I must be able to see the details of each content from either my phone or at one side of the TV. Intelligence + Simplicity is Technology that people love. Steve Jobs taught us that. Its hard getting it right though.

Movies, Movies and More Movies: I want to tell the Tv “show me some action movies, actor bruce willis” and it starts to look for actions films made by bruce willis. The TV off course must support digital right protection so that some content cannot be copied out of the TV storage. only watched. So in essence, Hollywood can release a movie and make it available to the TV subscribers in high definition. For subscribed content and content I should pay for the watch. Something close to what Apple did for iTunes.

Ads and commercials can be tucked between one playlist and another for FREE content and removed for subscribed content.

The Concept of App Store – the video store should also be introduced allowing content providers to make money from the number of viewers of their shows (if off course they allow Ads or Commercials to feature before their content).

Kinect from Microsoft can also spice it up by allowing me justwave my hand lightly and flip from one video to the next. So if the current playing item is boring, I just wave my hand and it just swipes it to one corner and moves to the next one. you know stuffs like that.


How about a TV that can read the expression on my face and decide if am happy or down and play me the right music in background mode?


For Hardware: Aside the TV itself, LAN point or wireless and power cable. no other accessory or addon box must be required. it must be utterly dead simple to use

Just to give a basic idea of my thoughts on this issue. I for one will love to see this kind of TV. But anyone who must solve the internet TV problem must make content providers very happy.

Am out


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